MAPFRE week, our firm’s commitment to the health and well-being of mapfre personnel

Oct 18, 2018 | Keeping Well, KEEPING WELL

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MAPFRE Week: Target Health is an annual project which has been organized for the last three years throughout the world to foster the participation and collaboration of employees, promoting MAPFRE’s commitment to every aspect of their health and well-being through its Healthy Company Model.


Because each of us is different and our health, our concerns, our needs, etc. form part of us and do not disappear when we come into work, nor when we leave. That is why, through projects like MAPFRE Week, our company upholds the importance of looking after its employees, taking into account both their physical and emotional well-being, as well as the different environments in which people find themselves.

Helping workers enjoy a healthy, happier personal and working life improves their motivation, performance and productivity. Moreover, it enhances their commitment, thus facilitating retention, while also attracting new talent to the company.

Under the guidance of Human Resources, MAPFRE Week was held this year June 4-8 in 30 countries throughout all our regions, three more than last year.

More than 700 activities around the globe

This year, the countries participating in the MAPFRE Week organized 743 activities related to the five fields of action of our Healthy Company Model, reaching 88 percent of our employees.

Each country organized its actions focusing on the health and well-being needs of its own workforce, making good use of the medical information they possess on all of their employees.

The result was a series of motivational activities that were really well attended. There now follow several examples of these:

Let’s go!, the global online activity of the 2018 MAPFRE week

This year, MAPFRE Week once again suggested that MAPFRE’s 36,000-plus employees should participate in its global online activity. Let’s Go! was designed for this 2018 edition. This idea consisted in walking a minimum of 10,000 steps each day for ten days straight, using a fitness application to record their activity.

This was an initiative in which we could all participate, regardless of our fitness level, making healthy exercise part of our daily routine and incorporating other good practices to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. A total of 18 countries, eight more than last year, participated: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

What is the healthy company model?

With a policy on Health, Wellbeing and the Prevention of Occupational Risks that goes beyond mere compliance with the regulations, MAPFRE has its own Healthy Company model, which is centered on the individual and has five fields of action: Mental Well-Being, Work Environment, Physical Activity and Diet, Personal Environment, and Health Promotion. This model is based on the main international trends and is undertaken through campaigns and initiatives within its five fields of action.

The following activities were undertaken for the 2018 MAPFRE Week, within this comprehensive corporate wellbeing program:

  • Mental well-being – 87 activities

One example is the “Day without stress. Relaxation exercises and entertainment. Trial Qi-Gong courses”, held in Germany, or the Itinerant Snow Theater in Brazil, which played out brief scenes with the actors simulating stressful everyday situations and how to deal with them.

  • Work environment – 48 activities

Among others, the talk given in Costa Rica by a physiotherapist who outlined aspects of occupational hazards and ergonomics.

  • Physical activity and diet – 254 activities

For example, “Bike Day”, which was held in countries such as Spain or Germany to promote the use of bicycles.

  • Personal environment – 123 activities

Such as driving simulators in the United States or Spain, which enabled participants to fully appreciate the dangers of driving while distracted or upset.

Health promotion – 231 activities

Many countries organized medical examinations provided by specialists, such as, for example, in Chile where vision and cardiovascular checkups were offered.


Keeping you informed was fundamental

As in previous years, MAPFRE Week received a great deal of attention, given that it is one of the mos t significant global initiatives undertaken within our company. In an activity of this type, which makes us feel proud to form part of a great company, a constant flow of up-to-date information is indispensable. Most of the countries used the global intranet, particularly the People Space, to inform their teams about MAPFRE Week and the scheduled activities:planning, dates, times and topics. Some even used this platform for their employees to sign up for the various activities they had prepared.

  • Video

Of the crew of the MAPFRE Boat, marking the official launch of this project.

  • A global daily news bulletin

Highlighting the main activities carried out in the various countries that participated. In addition, each country also published its specific news items and videos (13).

  • Intranet

Dedicated to MAPFRE Week, it included both global and detailed local information on this event. This section is now fully updated with all the results.

  • Final video

Final video with images of MAPFRE Week from all over the world.

  • Social Networks

They were also a means of disseminating information. Via the hashtag #MAPFREHealthWeek, employees from all over the world shared their experiences and the results of the activities they participated in throughout MAPFRE Week – 263 mentions.

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