“Our cooperation has been characterised by professionalism and high quality service”

Oct 18, 2018 | CLIENTS, Protagonists

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As a broker for brokers, DEMA has been a specialist in property insurance business and tailor-made services since 1993 in Germany. DEMA’s trademarks are its award-winning coverage concepts, user-friendly IT tools and service-oriented back office. DEMA AG is backed by a financially strong group with an equity ratio of 50 percent, TELIS Financial-ServicesHolding AG. In this interview, Florian Frummet, head of the company, tells us about his experience as a MAPFRE client.


What developments have taken place in your industry in recent years and what role does DEMA play in this?

The market has been in a state of upheaval for years. Falling broker numbers with at least constant insurance needs of the German citizens should actually lead to significantly more new customers and a larger customer base for the individual insurance broker. But that is not the case. The requirements and the expenditure rise continuously. The portfolio work eats up most of the daily working time. The local brokerage offices are faced with a real flood of information and bureaucratisation. As a result, there is a lack of time to expand the customer base and great potential remains untapped. If you want to remain competitive as an insurance broker, you have to adapt your way of working. DEMA Deutsche Versicherungsmakler AG sees itself as a value-added partner for brokers and distributors in order to minimize the time required for preparing quotations, portfolio work and administrative activities in the local offices. The aim is to create free space and time for the consultation and acquisition of existing and new customers. In short: digitizing administrative activities and reducing costs – these are the most important steps for brokers when it comes to looking to the future independently and strengthened and expanding their customer base. Only with the right partner and the right technology will the desire for more sales with less work become reality.



What are your short-and long-term challenges and goals?

Ä First-class and awardwinning products, innovative IT tools and processes as well as outstanding services have become the trademark of DEMA over the past 25 years. We will continue along this path and concentrate on offering complete solutions for added value and success for brokers and insurance brokers. The world of insurance brokers remains exciting. In an increasingly complex future and with increasing digitalization, we will continue to ensure transparency and consistency. According to our experience, we will succeed in this above all if the services offered exceed the market standard and at the same time the coverage concepts meet the requirements of the independent brokers.

Why is insurance important for your company and your industry?

In order for brokers to be able to concentrate fully on such important advice in the future and to maintain high-quality and stable customer relationships, it is necessary, among other things, to have a broad product range in premium quality that is as comprehensive as possible and lean and professional processes and services that convince the customer. Insurance concepts are the key to brokers’ success. This is why product partners who support our high standards of professionalism are important to us.

Since when have you been a Verti customer and why did you choose Verti?

We have been your partner since the takeover of the Ontos vehicle fleet in 2008. Right from the start, our cooperation has been characterised by professionalism and high quality service. We still value this in Verti.

Which products and services have you agreed with Verti?

We are currently working together successfully in the area of motor vehicle insurance.

What is your experience as a customer with us?

As already mentioned, we are particularly convinced by the simple, smooth processing and the service-oriented cooperation. Special product features such as special classification options are also of great value to us.

How would you describe your relationship with Verti in one sentence?

Trustworthy, friendly and honest.

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