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Jun 9, 2020 | I am MAPFRE

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Also via our digital channels!
For some years now, MAPFRE has been firmly committed to digital media, as a meeting point for the company with its clients, employees and society at large. In such special circumstances as the lockdown measures adopted in most of the world because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are also redoubling our efforts in this area.
In order to protect the health of employees, collaborators and clients at all times, while maintaining the highest possible quality of service, from the very outset of this global health crisis, MAPFRE put into practice a contingency plan that prioritized its online media. First of all, the People and Organization Area made a great effort to keep the entire workforce connected, in contact with each other and fully informed through the global intranet and other applications. In addition, in such an important aspect as communication, our digital channels played a highly important role, with our website MAPFRE.com – which had just launched its new design and format in the first week of March – leading the way, together with our profiles on the various social networks.

From the very beginning, special attention was paid to our communications approach, striving to ensure that the company’s digital channels contributed to the dissemination of useful information, not just from the business standpoint, but rather, above all else, of an informative nature, given the unprecedented situation faced around the world.

In this regard, as well as sharing messages related to accident prevention and health issues, we focused on information that could prove valuable by providing a broader perspective of the crisis we are experiencing, whether in the personal, professional or educational sphere, or as regards future human relations… All the while giving voice to the experts. Researchers, doctors, or psychologists were some of the experts we approached to clarify doubts and offer advice through a series of articles and interviews.

Moreover, given the uncertainty of world markets and economies, MAPFRE.com also became the go-to website for those seeking the best financial analysis, thanks to our experts offering a weekly selection of articles and content of interest.

Our new website was also the place to head for in order to access the most up-to-date information on the contributions MAPFRE and Fundación MAPFRE were making to the fight against COVID-19 worldwide.

United on the Net

As for our social media, they provided a meeting place for our great MAPFRE family to show the world how united we are when it comes to tackling this situation. Since its first use, the hashtag #InMAPFREMoreUnitedThanEver has been widely used and prominent in all three corporate languages, generating more than 14,000 mentions.

Employees, clients, collaborators, etc. have used it to express the spirit with which we are confronting these difficult times and to share our actions to help overcome this painful period.

The MAPFRE profiles, which adapted their image for this situation, also served to channel that feeling of gratitude society feels for all those essential workers who have been giving their very best to take care of us all throughout this time. With our “We applaud you” action (shared across all platforms with a video and, on Twitter, also with a series of cards dedicated to different groups), we have filled social media with applause for our healthcare workers, those who protect us, those who stayed at home following the rules, and those who had to leave home in order to ensure our basic needs were always satisfied.

Joining the universal cry of all citizens and institutions, we also launched the message “Stay at home”, with an audiovisual piece in which we urged responsibility and for everyone to do their bit to achieve the common goal – end the pandemic.

Our employees also wished to help make the lockdown more bearable for all those who, like themselves, were unable to leave their homes. To do so, they joined our initiative We Are People to reveal their most personal side, sharing some of their home skills by demonstrating simple tips and tricks.

Some of the most representative faces of our sponsorships, such as tennis player Rafa Nadal or Renault Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo, joined this cause with their own messages.
David Parreño
Our Chairman and CEO, Antonio Huertas, recognized on numerous occasions for his intense social media activity, has also been making special use of them during the coronavirus crisis. As well as using them to disseminate useful information and news on the company’s endeavors in this major global challenge, he has gone a step further: each week he has shared his personal thoughts on the situation in the form of a video on LinkedIn and Twitter; he has published articles on these platforms to invite everyone to reflect and to take action; and he even went so far as to try out the format of live broadcasts via Instagram, on one occasion a virtual meeting with the Spanish edition of Forbes magazine.

On all possible channels, the MAPFRE CEO wanted to demonstrate the fundamental role played by a company like ours in responding to the major challenge posed by this crisis and has reinforced a message that reflects how we look to the future from this great family:

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