MAPFRE furthers the development of its strategic talent

Mar 31, 2017 | I am MAPFRE, PEOPLE

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Talent is key to setting us apart. The Talent Management Strategic  Initiative advances its global deployment: in 2016, progress was in line with the plans for the three phases of the project. More than 4,000 people evaluated, 10,000 tests performed, over 3,000 video interviews.  Employing the very same methodology and criteria all over the world.


TEXT Pablo Fuentes

In MAPFRE, talent is key to setting us apart and continuing to grow. It is essential for opening up new markets and facing new strategic challenges in the future, as well as ensuring the management succession plan. For this reason, the company is advancing the global deployment of its Talent Management Strategic Initiative, whose sponsor is Elena Sanz, general manager of Human Resources at MAPFRE.

In this context, and as we reported in a previous issue of The World of MAPFRE, the mission of Talent Management is clear: Identify strategic talent within the company and develop people capable of driving our strategy forward in any place and at any time.

To achieve this, the project is being developed and implemented in three phases. In the first of these, the aim is to analyze the strategic needs of the business in the short and medium term, with each of the corporate areas and countries, to identify the strategic profiles needed. In the second phase, the aim is to identify the most suitable people among all our employees to fit these profiles, focusing on criteria such as performance, participation in development plans and strategic projects, capacity for innovation and specialist knowledge, as well as skills and motivation.

The next step is for the Human Resources teams to design and implement individual development plans for these people. This, precisely, is the third phase of the project.




Analyze the strategic needs of the business and define the profiles required to address them

Phase I 100 percent complete


Identify the most suitable people to cover those profiles among all of the employees

Phase II 85 percent complete


Human Resources designs and implements personalized development plans

Phase III 30 percent complete

Throughout 2016 and early 2017, Talent Management has made significant strides in its global deployment: the first phase has been concluded in ll regions, while the second phase is already 85 percent complete. In addition, work is already underway on the third phase – it is 30 percent complete – and, in some units, they have started informing participants of the results.

It is worth emphasizing the fact that this ambitious talent management plan covers all 38,000 employees in the company, and that, in MAPFRE, talent is everywhere. In this context, Talent Management is consolidated as an ongoing process in MAPFRE, with the aim of facilitating the constant flow of talent within the company


Elena Sanz stresses that “in a complex environment, MAPFRE addresses new challenges full of opportunities, and the talent of the company’s personnel is essential for tackling these challenges.” For this reason, she adds, “it is vital that the Talent Management initiative advances in a swift, agile manner and, in this sense, we can feel satisfied. However, there remains a lot to be done in order to develop our strategic talent and place it at the service of the business.”

Talent Management is renewed periodically to facilitate the flow of talent in MAPFRE

Two fundamental factors underpin this significant progress. First, the intense work carried out by the Human Resources work groups in the various regions and countries; second, the use of one single methodology throughout the world, which relies on transversal information and collaboration tools, and ensures objectivity in all the regions and countries.





Moreover, it is worth stressing the commitment of the people managers and the enthusiasm of the employees participating in the tests.

The results of this endeavor speak for themselves. More than 4,000 people have been evaluated by means of a global process, identical in every country, which consists of three tests:

  • An occupational strengths test.
  • An aptitude test.
  • A video interview.

A total of 10,000 tests have been conducted, including 3,000 video interviews. In this article we wanted to discover the experience of some of those who have participated in the process and taken these tests. Laura Fernández, of MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS, Silvia Magaña, of MAPFRE RE, and José Manuel Carranza, of MAPFRE ESPAÑA, tell us what their participation in the talent management evaluation phase was like.


Participating in these tests provided great motivation,  and I went into them full of enthusiasm and hope.”

“Participating in the Strategic Talent Initiative provided great motivation and satisfaction, apart from reinforcing my commitment to MAPFRE. I went into the tests full of enthusiasm and hope, given the truly enriching future prospects opening up, from both a professional and personal point of view. One of the company’s greatest assets is definitely that of the personnel who use their talent to make MAPFRE greater.”




“This was a really positive experience. I hope this kind of test goes on to form part of our culture”

“I faced the tests with enthusiasm, yet a little trepidation. In the occupational strengths test, I tried to ensure that my answers sincerely reflected my personality. The Swift strengths test was a real challenge; I’d have liked to have had a little more time, but I can see that that is also something they assess.

The video interview was something new to me. I appreciate the fact that Human Resources are committed to using the tools offered by the digital world to get to know their employees more closely and give them the opportunity to express themselves. Overall, the experience was very good. I hope that, in the future, this kind of test goes on to form part of our culture and that many employees can enjoy the same experience.”



“I felt proud because I can contribute to the future of the company; the tests were not easy, but they have helped me to improve”

“I felt proud to be selected for such an important initiative as talent management, having the chance to participate in the exciting future development of our company and being able to do my bit to help it along.

The tests I did were not easy, but they helped me to become aware of the need to overcome my weak points and, at the same time, leverage and consolidate those areas I excel in, so as to continue my journey with MAPFRE, wherever this project takes me.”


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