“We make the journey easier for you” Trust III

Oct 25, 2022 | MAPFRE Today

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Two years ago, MAPFRE launched what was to be its first ‘Trust’ campaign. The starting point of the first edition was just that — trust —, which is one of the most crucial pillars of the insurance industry and, more specifically, of MAPFRE. On this occasion, and after two successful campaigns, we are now focusing on the people who accompany us along the way and help us to achieve our goals.

“We cannot guarantee success, but we can make the road easier for you.”

This is the slogan of the third campaign announced by MAPFRE, a message that goes above and beyond and demonstrates how our human approach takes care of people day after day so that they can do everything they set out to do. The key to achieving these goals is to remain 100 percent focused, although this is not as easy as we might think.

One of the main objectives of this new project is for people to associate the MAPFRE brand with the life they want to live. Because, even though everyone can meet the objectives they set for themselves, “the worries and burdens of everyday life remain, and the reassurance of knowing that someone is supporting them is our job as a company”. So says Jaime Valverde, Corporate Head of Social Networks and Digital Content. The key takeaway, he says, is that MAPFRE cannot ensure success for anyone, but by playing a facilitating role it can “pave the way through our products and our own brand”. It’s about putting the person at the center of the campaign.

So, what’s new about TRUST III? Valverde points to an evolution of the concept as the key innovation, but also new players, a new perspective (still in line with what came before it), and, above all, a greater focus on business: “Operations have asked us to shift our approach toward the product in order to incorporate its own promotions related to people’s concerns. This shift will help us guide the campaign more toward the business, so we hope our teams can optimize the results.”

The key players behind the campaign

The faces of this new campaign are not celebrities or public figures; this time, they are everyday people with ordinary worries who decided to trust MAPFRE to overcome their obstacles and put the focus on their goals.

Among the new stars of the campaign is María Vicente, the first Spaniard to win a medal in the heptathlon. Even though she was the U18 champion in 2017, the athlete has continued to break her own personal records even up to this year, having registered her best Spanish time in the pentathlon.

Moving from the athletics track to the stove top, we have Jacobo Bonilla, executive chef and creative. His experience in the world’s former number one restaurant, among others, has allowed him to achieve international status and led him to work alongside the chef Jorge Rausch.

Simony César, for his part, has been recognized by Forbes 30 under 30 for his successes with NINA, a technology start-up that combats gender-based violence in high-traffic areas such as Fortaleza, Brazil.

Back in the world of sport is Eduardo Ávila, paralympic athlete who has won four medals at the Olympic Games. His gold medal in judo at the 2017 Pan American Games put Mexico on the paralympic sporting map.

Ale Llosa is the General Manager and founder of KO, a unique system of body, mind, and emotional training that fuses four key pillars: intense sport, inner connection, conscious eating, and positive attitude. The immense success of her project continues with its international expansion plan.

Last, but not least, is Kevin Koronowski, adjunct professor of biochemistry and structural biology. After graduating with honors from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, he sought an area of research that merged his background in nutrition and his laboratory experience.

These are the stories that frame MAPFRE’s new campaign. They all share a sense of self-confidence gained through experience and the lessons learned along the way to ultimately achieve the goals they set for themselves: from leading a start-up or cooking alongside top chefs to winning four Olympic medals.

Past results, future success?

Valverde takes stock of the two previous campaigns: he considers the balance to have been very positive. “We launch these campaigns with the aim of generating business impact, whether directly or indirectly. From the beginning, we have been performing tests and finding incredible results: improvements in brand awareness in operations, significant improvements in searches for our products among people who have seen the campaign, and, above all, significant improvements in conversion rates as measured by Google among the same people who have seen the campaign versus people who have not seen the campaign,” he says.

With this third campaign, and following the success of Trust I and Trust II, the first impressions so far are quite encouraging. The new advertisement “MAPFRE – We make the journey easier for you”, along with interviews with the six participants, aims to offer insight into the key elements of the new campaign and to encourage everyone to achieve their own personal objectives.

But the concept of trust does not stop here: Valverde argues that, once Trust III has come to close, it will be time to “reflect, go back to basics, and work on a shift toward MAPFRE’s new purpose.” “We care about what matters to you.” “This is territory that we have been exploring with the campaigns ‘Trust’ and ‘KM of Trust,’ which was the more tangible side of the same coin. We have to change course, but with the same objective, to create affinity with MAPFRE so that we can continue to sell more and better,” he says.

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