MAPFRE launches a channel containing podcasts of its expert content

Jul 7, 2021 | MAPFRE Today

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Learning how professional athletes manage their money, decoding the future of innovation in the insurance sector, and analyzing global economic trends are just some of MAPFRE’s initial proposals for their new podcast communication channel. We tell you all about it in the following article.
We are living through a time of profound transformation in the field of communication, where the younger generations no longer watch programs on a television channel, read a specific newspaper every day, or listen to a particular radio station, but rather consume content, mainly via social networks.

In this new panorama, content, or rather, the quality of the content, is what marks the boundary between successful and unsuccessful products. This opens up a completely different playing field, in which the media are no longer the only intermediaries that can deliver content to the various audiences. Other players emerge, including companies themselves.

Content is king today because in the Internet universe the best content can generate growing audiences, regardless of whether it is produced by a media outlet or a company. The Internet levels the playing field for everyone. Bill Gates had already predicted this back in 1996, when the founder of Microsoft announced that “those who succeed will propel the Internet forward as a marketplace of ideas, experiences, and products — a marketplace of content”.

It is within this context that MAPFRE is launching its new podcast communication channel. If content is the key, audio is the channel that is best capturing the needs of many citizens as a means to get information, learn new things or, simply, to be entertained.

Lockdown and the pandemic-driven trend of spending more time at home have boosted the use of audio devices —such as smart speakers— and the consumption of podcasts. According to IAB Spain’s Annual Online Audio Study, 70% of Internet users consume podcasts on a daily basis.

MAPFRE Podcast Channel

MAPFRE has decided to embrace this new phenomenon with the launch of several programs that will be integrated into the content of the new podcast channel, soon to be hosted on the corporate website

The first program is called La Bolsa de Deporte (The Sports Digest) and is presented by Luis García, manager of MAPFRE AM and the MAPFRE AM Behavioral Fund. Every 15 days, Luis García interviews professional athletes to find out more about how they manage their investments and what lessons they have learned from sport that can be extrapolated to the markets and business. Esteban Granero, Fernando San Emeterio and Lola Gallardo have been among his first guests.

At MAPFRE we have a great advantage, which makes our work much easier, and this advantage lies in the fact that we have an enormous amount of expert knowledge in the company, with many professionals who are truly outstanding in their field. Through the podcast we can broaden the reach of this expert knowledge and generate high quality content to engage new audiences.

The next podcast is Código Insur_space, MAPFRE Open Innovation’s audio initiative to help us better understand the InsurTech world, an inspiring conversation with experts in technology, transformation, design and art aimed at decoding the present and understanding the future.

Joan Cuscó, Global Director of Transformation at MAPFRE, talks with renowned professionals in technology, transformation, design, robotics, entrepreneurship and the arts in search of a response to the changing times we live in, looking for opinions from some of today’s most renowned professionals and finding out which projects are most interesting in the digital era.

Last but by no means least, Economics Café is the latest addition. In this space, experts from MAPFRE Economics, the company’s research service, analyze the evolution of the global economic situation, as well as the insurance sector. The first programs have dealt with issues such as the global economic outlook in a post-pandemic world, and which countries have the most pressured pension systems.

New programs are scheduled to be launched in the coming months. You can listen to them on the MAPFRE website and on the main podcast platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcast, Ivoox, etc.).

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