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Apr 17, 2020 | Uncategorized

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How can we ensure consumers know more about insurance?

The Brazilian campaign using real customer testimonies is really successful on social media


Every morning, MAPFRE collaborators all round the world get up with a mission: to take care of our clients. But that care must go far beyond handling a claim or providing a service. With that goal in mind, in 2019 MAPFRE BRAZIL launched the MAPFRE Explains campaign. It shares real-life stories of customers who suffered some incident and were able to rely on our assistance and solutions to get their lives back together.

“We wanted our customers to tell us how their experience with MAPFRE helped them when they needed it most. Rather than simply talking, they show us the practical benefits of being protected by an insurance policy,” their Marketing, Branding and Advertising Manager, Inácio Araújo, remarks.

The campaign was created to demystify insurance and expand the insurance culture among customers, sharing information so that they comprehend better the subject and manage to make the optimum choice when it comes to taking out insurance or contracting some service.

“Basically, we tell consumers in a straightforward manner about the products in this sector, so they can grasp the fact that insurance is not simply about compensation, but rather a guarantee for life in the present and, above all, for the future of the whole family,” Inácio adds. MAPFRE Explains is a continuous, interactive initiative. On the portal, people can send in their questions, watch videos and discover more about the world of insurance. As well as the well-known automobile, home and life products, there are also explanations of less well-known policies among the general public, such as those covering their children’s studies, businesses or agriculture, and even the commercial use of drones.

The Insurance CEO at MAPFRE BRAZIL, Luis Gutiérrez, stresses the need to ensure that insurance becomes something tangible for an increasingly wider audience. “When clients understand exactly what they are purchasing, they do so in a more assertive, conscious manner. We believe this is the way to strengthen the insurance culture in our country.”

MAPFRE BRAZIL collaborators also participated actively in this initiative, telling stories and participating with questions and answers to assist those visiting the website.

The campaign, which was publicized in both traditional media such as radio and television, and the Internet, has already reached more than 100 million people, with 59 million page views in digital media. “We are preparing contents for the continued expansion of MAPFRE Explains in 2020,” Inácio adds.

They intend to address other insurance categories, as well as such financial accumulation options as syndicates, private retirement, capitalization and investment products.

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