Advancing towards a new way of leading and working.

Feb 7, 2023 | I am MAPFRE

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The leadership project, which is now being rolled out, will accompany the more than 6,000 MAPFRE leaders around the world, helping them to make progress in a new way of leading and working, and thereby driving the transformation of the business.

These are exciting times, which require that those of us at MAPFRE transform ourselves to continue being the company we all want it to be. Our customer’s demands mean that we need to constantly evolve and adapt in response to the challenges we face.

To successfully overcome these challenges, MAPFRE’s professionals must develop new skills, acquire new knowledge and work in a more agile and flexible manner. We have to be ready and prepared to continue being the professionals that MAPFRE needs.


MAPFRE leaders around the world are making progress toward a new way of leading and working, driving the transformation of the business.

Leaders: examples and guides of this transformation

People management and leadership are decisive levers, and with a view to accompanying leaders in a new way of leading and working, our leadership project is being rolled out in all countries, which seeks to continue to make progress with our cultural and organizational transformation.

Transformational leadership providing flexibility and agility

MAPFRE leaders are leaders who plan, execute and meet objectives. They set an example in terms of technical knowledge, digital evolution, strategic vision, values, transparency and continuous learning.

As part of this project, leaders will develop four areas:

  • External environment, keeping up to date with market trends, the insurance industry and the competition.
  • MAPFRE, our business, the strategic plan, sustainability at MAPFRE and corporate policies, to name just a few.
  • Team development, knowledge and experience, recognition and development.
  • Developing leaders’ digital skills, in learnings and in habits and conduct.

As part of the project, each leader will work on these four areas to the extent that each one needs to make progress on them.

A continuous cycle: self-reflection, paths to transformation and measurement

MAPFRE will remain side by side with its leaders, accompanying them as part of this transformation, as part of a cyclical process that will be repeated in the coming years. This process begins with self-reflection, allowing leaders to identify their strengths and areas for improvement. From there, and based on their needs and interests, they can choose from a series of resources and tools, dubbed “paths”, helping them to develop in four areas: External Environment, MAPFRE Environment, My Team and Me.

Furthermore, the progress made by each leader will be measured every year.

To launch this project, and within the framework of the associated management of change, since November 2022, presentation sessions have been held where the CEO and the head of human resources in each country or business unit relay the details of this project to MAPFRE’s more than 6,000 leaders.

As part of this transformation, the concept of leadership is also evolving from hierarchical leadership, focused on people management, to a broader concept, including profiles that, even though they are not in charge of a team, exercise leadership, in areas such as project execution or other collaboration spaces. With this in mind, this project is aimed at leaders who occupy both management and technical job positions.

The leadership project will drive the transformational leadership that will provide us with the flexibility and agility we need to adapt to change. 

“Maintaining the status quo is not an option,” MAPFRE’s transformation is only possible if each of us evolve as professionals.

To set an example and guide the way in this transformation, MAPFRE’s leaders are making progress toward a new way of leading and working.

Being the leader that others want to follow so we can keep growing

Evolving towards a new way of leading and working will help leaders to continue being leaders who contribute, grow and make progress at MAPFRE. Being the leaders that others want to follow to make progress in this process of change, which involves becoming even better professionals and learning to work in a more agile and flexible way.

Understanding both the external environment and MAPFRE’s environment and developing their team, as well as themselves, are the keys that leaders will work on as part of this project.

A broader approach is being taken to the concept of leadership, including profiles that exercise leadership in areas such as project execution or other collaboration spaces.

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