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Apr 22, 2020 | Personas

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knowledge helps us evolve and transform companies. It is of incalculable value and, when we decide to share it, its worth increases exponentially. Can you imagine all the professionals who work at MAPFRE sharing our knowledge? You no longer have to imagine it; now, with your help, it is going to happen!


Well aware of the power of knowledge, in 2019 the Digital Challenge strategic initiative determined that one of the four pillars of our action was to be Knowledge Management – the promoter of cultural change – together with collaborative work. Collaborating and sharing knowledge results in employees enjoying swifter access to a great deal more knowledge, and thus being more efficient and productive.

We now wish to tell you how we have defined Knowledge Management in MAPFRE, and why the way we share and exploit knowledge will make a real difference.
Hoy te contamos como hemos defi nido la Gestión del conocimiento en MAPFRE, porque cómo compartamos y explotemos el conocimiento marcará la diferencia.

Let’s start!

First of all, we must define what knowledge means for MAPFRE.

Knowledge is the full body of know-how and experience, both internal to MAPFRE and external, which our employees can share so it may be passed on to other professionals.

Sharing your knowledge – that useful, practical information you have accumulated throughout your professional career and which now serves as a blueprint for performing your work – interests the company, as your colleagues can then also make use of it.

We are talking about both internal, that which is contextualized to MAPFRE’s reality, and external knowledge, that acquired in your professional life, dealing with clients, providers, etc. At MAPFRE we have defined 15 knowledge areas (see list).

Now that we have a clear idea of what knowledge is, we can take a look at where and how you can share and consult it. And this is where the easiest, most practical part comes in; MAPFRE has created a repository on the global intranet for uploading and sharing your knowledge, updating it where necessary and consulting whatever other colleagues have shared. This place is called Eureka and you can access it through the navigation bar of the global intranet, from this icon:

“How often, when it comes to taking on a project, have we wondered: where and who can we turn to in order to ‘learn’ about a certain subject, or discover whether there already exists in mapfre some previous experience or good practice in this area, exactly what we were looking for. Now, thanks to mapfre’s knowledge management model, we will gain in efficiency and agility. The professional knowledge and experiences we generate on a daily basis are a tremendous asset for mapfre. We should all share it”
Elvira Arango,
Group Head of Learning and Culture

The “knowledge management” project has enabled us to define an open environment free of hierarchies which democratizes access to knowledge, this being understood as conclusions or good practices that allow us to advance with greater agility, thanks to the experience of other mapfre colleagues. This is a formula based on trust and collaboration as its principal mainstays. It enables us employees to stand out thanks to our knowledge and serve as a go-to reference for others, which, in itself, makes for truly useful knowledge. Now comes the most difficult part, namely acquiring that habit of sharing and further enriching Eureka”
Mónica Solaun,
corporate Intranet and Digital Workplace supervisor, and leader of the Knowledge Management project

Eureka is the new channel that will enable us to share knowledge. To make it easier for you, we have defined the knowledge we are interested in sharing through Eureka:

  • Good practices and use cases
  • Lessons learned
  • Reports and studies, whether internal or external
  • Useful links to external websites or documents

The whole process will evolve in line with the demands of all of us employees; we are going to be the “consumers and beneficiaries” of this knowledge.

Not knowledge (to be shared on Eureka):

  • News and videos from the intranet
  • MAPFRE policies and procedures
  • Annual company reports

On uploading your knowledge, you must indicate:

  • Title (think about who will receive it)
  • Description (which is clear and simple)
  • Language. Should you have that document in several languages, do not hesitate to upload all of them.
  • Scope (global or local)
When you do a search, Eureka will return the relevant knowledge it possesses and locate related information from a range of different sources: contributions from employees all over the world, but also from MAPFRE Economic Research and the Fundación MAPFRE Documentation Center.
Business areas

  1. Sales
  2. Digital business
  3. Operations
  4. Technical
  5. Actuariall
Transversal areas

  1. Strategy
  2. Finance
  3. Solvency
  4. Sustainability
  5. Human resources
  6. Legal
  7. Security
  8. Communication
  9. Transformation / Innovation
  10. Technology and processes

Knowledge = Know-how + Experience

But, wait, there is more! Don’t forget the social part
  • Did you like it? Give a ‘like’
  • Anything to add? Comment
  • Is it interesting? Share

“The initial network of knowledge experts is made up of fellow MAPFRE workers all over the world, contributing and sharing what we all know”
César Becerril Marijuan,
expert in various subjects within the Corporate Area Sales field

This option is really powerful, as it helps us identify the most sought after and appreciated knowledge items. Eureka is a repository which will always present us with organized, up-to-date knowledge. A mailbox is available:, where the Corporate Knowledge Management Team is ready to respond to your queries, suggestions and comments.
What are the benefits of sharing our knowledge?

  • You boost the free flow of knowledge, making it accessible to all those of us who work in MAPFRE.
  • You will have access to new knowledge, benefiting from what others know – gleaned from their experiences, good practices, lessons learned, etc.
  • You will locate those most conversant with each of the 15 predefined knowledge areas.
  • You will optimize your time, as you can swiftly and easily locate any knowledge you may need.
  • Sharing your knowledge and experience increases your visibility and enhances your personal brand.

Some tips to help you share your knowledge

Knowledge Management is a new project within our organization and that is why we wish to offer you some simple guidelines to make it really easy for you to start sharing your knowledge:

  • Set aside ten minutes each week to think what knowledge you have generated over that time. Once you make your decision, upload it to Eureka. It won’t take you more than five minutes!
  • If you are working on a project, remember to include one more action on your to-do list: once it is finished, upload the knowledge acquired to Eureka.
  • Consider the fact that your knowledge will serve to help other people who need to know more about that particular subject.
  • Bear in mind that the knowledge you upload is a reflection of your professional brand/know-how.

“… When i begin working on any new topic or project, i don’t have to start from scratch. Eureka means i can locate the knowledge that other colleagues have shared, people who are experts in the area of knowledge i require. I myself have included among my weekly tasks deciding what knowledge could be worth uploading to Eureka”
Miquel Vadell,

Knowledge is of incalculable value. Let’s build knowledge together and share it within MAPFRE!

What are knowledge experts and who are they?

The Knowledge Management project and its repository – Eureka – start out with the focus on an essential figure: the knowledge Expert. These are people with a high level of expertise in any of the 15 knowledge areas MAPFRE has defined.

The knowledge experts will take charge of:

  • Disseminating knowledge of their subject via Eureka
  • Validating the knowledge all of us contribute to Eureka (validated knowledge is identified with a gold medal icon)
  • Resolving any doubts you may have about their area of knowledge

All the experts are identified in Eureka with the symbol “e” and you can locate them by filtering for “knowledge experts”. The knowledge experts were identified by the supervisors of each of the 15 knowledge areas.

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