Interview with Antonio Fernández CEO OF WALMERIC

Mar 4, 2019 | Protagonists

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“Thanks to MAPFRE’s innovative spirit, we’ve developed new technological products for the insurance industry”


Walmeric is the leader in creating technology for assisted sales channels and works with us as a digital solutions provider to increase sales, in addition to being a MAPFRE client. In this interview, its CEO, Antonio Fernández, tells us about his experience.


¿Desde cuándo sois clientes de MAPFRE y qué productos tenéis contratados con nosotros?

Walmeric cuenta con más de diez años de trayectoria y en todo este tiempo, tanto a nivel de empresa como a través de los propios empleados, hemos ido de la mano de MAPFRE en distintos servicios y productos aseguradores. Nuestra cercanía con MAPFRE es tal, que incluso nuestras oficinas están en uno de los edificios de MAPFRE en Madrid.

¿Cómo valoráis vuestra experiencia de cliente con nosotros?

Nuestra experiencia de cliente con MAPFRE es muy positiva. Tanto desde un punto de vista corporativo como individual, la calidad de servicio, la atención personalizada así como las herramientas de gestión destacan sin duda a MAPFRE como un gran proveedor de seguros. En este sentido estamos muy satisfechos con el compromiso y la vocación de servicio de MAPFRE.

Could you briefly describe your sector and the role Walmeric plays in it?
The international specialists define our industry as L2RM (Lead to Revenue Management). This concept defines sales management focused on the efficient processing of each lead (user who has shared their data with the company) with a view to increasing revenues from each contact. Walmeric is the leading company in Spain when it comes to offering technology and methodology for processing leads, from their online generation right through to their conversion into sales in the offline channel, facilitating an increase in sales results and optimization of the advertising investment.

Walmeric is continuously innovating, developing new sales management models and solutions for the digital marketing of results, providing added value to the actions undertaken by marketing and sales departments. Created in 2008, it has become the leader and benchmark provider of L2RM services for advertisers, where over 60 percent of their sales require a conversation with clients, for example in sectors such as insurance, telecommunications, training, etc.

In addition, we are currently expanding internationally and are already operational in countries such as Germany, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, etc. Added to the development of new products, this allows us to look to the future with optimism.

What is your mission?
Walmeric is focused on automating sales processes using the most appropriate technology for every sales need. There exists a gap between digital marketing and assisted sales. Walmeric technology connects them to bring information and results that will make for more efficient sales channels, advertising investment and performance of sales agents in call centers, offices, or directly to their cell phones.

We are focused on developing the ROPO model to its maximum level. ROPO is an acronym for Research Online Purchase Offline or, in other words, searching on the Internet before buying offline. It is a concept coined in order to define what many users do when they turn to the vast amount of information available online to search for products and choose the most appropriate for them, before going to buy them in a physical store. And it is in this integration of online results with those managed offline where Walmeric can offer its technology to MAPFRE.

What is your relationship with MAPFRE?
Our close relations with the MAPFRE Group have materialized on multiple fronts: from being technology providers in the automation of sales processes and the integration of online and offline actions, to taking out insurance policies and also as tenants in your office buildings.

What added value can you bring as a MAPFRE provider?
The business model in the insurance industry calls for conversation between the insurer and its clients, and those interested in purchasing new products. Walmeric provides MAPFRE with the sales management technology that automates processes to obtain the best result from every conversation and, at the same time, enables optimization of the online advertising investment so as to increase the number of leads available for future sales.

How would you define your experience with MAPFRE?
The teams in MAPFRE really drive innovation and, thanks to this spirit of self-improvement and excelling, we have developed new technological products such as online photographic verification to automate and facilitate damage appraisal of vehicles.

In addition, we are also making progress on conversational tagging for all the MAPFRE leads generated by digital initiatives. This technological innovation allows for an analysis of the conversations between clients and agents, so as to detect relevant concepts and feelings that facilitate boosting sales results.

What are the technological trends aimed at winning over new clients?
From my point of view, innovation in digital sales and marketing aims to make use of all available tools to enhance and increase accuracy at every stage of the sales process. For example, in Walmeric we are developing artificial intelligence tools that, using probabilistic models, allow you to identify the chances of each lead becoming a MAPFRE client. Thanks to these models, MAPFRE is able to use the most appropriate sales agents to close every sale.

Here, Walmeric’s technology quantifies the quality of each visit by an interested party to a MAPFRE website, or the quality of a lead already generated using machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques. This therefore enables us to undertake analyses of the sales activity and decision-making with greater precision, thanks to the use of state-of-the-art tools.

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