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Mar 31, 2017 | LEADING ACTORS, Protagonista

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The Trainee program is a process of attracting and developing young talent to bring into the company.

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The professionals who make up our team are of decisive value and are those who truly make a difference in a marketplace as competitive as the current one.

With the aim of attracting new talent, the company launched its Trainee project, whose prime objective is to attract, retain and develop employees with global skills and reinforce the profiles most needed at each moment in time. For several years now, this program has been training and integrating new professionals with high potential and international projection.

The programs seek to attract profiles very much in demand in the current insurance market, such as actuaries, mathematicians or engineers.

With this type of initiatives, MAPFRE is ensuring its succession plan for the different generations that coexist in the company. The newcomers bring with them new skills and points of view that complement the knowledge and expertise of the in-house talent. Because, as Antonio Huertas put it in the previous issue of The World of MAPFRE: “If we all pull together, we can improve the whole company.”

MAPFRE Trainees



Readiness  for relocation

Business Administration and Management, Marketing, Law, Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics, Actuarial Sciences or IT

Professional development plan
classroom training, on-the-job training, mentoring, functional mobility, geographical mobility

Adrián participated in the first edition of the Trainee (Cantera) program, designed to fill positions in the Technology area. “The program has enabled me to boost my professional career on all fronts. Moreover, in large companies there are many minute variations that give you an added incentive when it comes to tackling everyday tasks.” Adrián is part of that generation of young employees taking up prominent technological posts, given the digital transformation process currently ongoing in the company. “Being as large as we are, it is essential to be able to count on specialized profiles in each line and that is what helps us remain competitive.”

Our six protagonists were selected according to strict criteria. They have all received transversal training provided by professionals from MAPFRE’s various functional areas, thereby acquiring the necessary knowledge regarding the dimensions of the Group’s activity.

The fact is that, prior to the designation of a specific destination, the trainees participate in a preliminary period of theoretical and practical training in order to gain detailed knowledge of all areas of the company, the interrelationships between the different departments and, in short, the most relevant processes that allow MAPFRE to operate. “Without a doubt, having enjoyed this training period is not just a differentiating feature of this program, but it can also be deemed a huge gesture of confidence in our potential,” declares Elvira.

This global insurance training is followed by on-the-job practical training in a department similar to that where the  trainees will finally be assigned. “For me personally, the most important training was that provided by several MAPFRE actuaries, as I had little work experience and was unaware of the theoretical-practical application of the work involved in the actuarial profession. We were given the opportunity to do small projects with different applications and could thus better understand the methodology explained,” comments Sara.

The trainees have a common trait: a great motivation to learn

“My experience as a trainee has been key to understanding the business, getting to know my colleagues who form part of it, and being able to contribute value to MAPFRE in the short space of time since I joined the Major Agreements department.” These are the words of Félix, who participated in the Simbiosis program in 2014. “It was a tremendous opportunity and I’m really grateful for it. It provided me with tools to tackle my professional future with another perspective and security.”

Despite being very different from each other, the trainees all have a common trait: a great motivation to learn and adaptive capacity.

For Mar, the program offered her a unique experience. “Given that mine is a highly specialized niche professional sector, forming part of the MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS team was clearly an exceptional opportunity for me. In MAPFRE we young professionals can encounter great opportunities for the future in the international sphere and a comprehensive career plan,” she stresses.

The work of the mentors is fundamental throughout this process. These company professionals take the trainees on board and complete their preliminary training process in a real work environment, similar to that for which they are destined. “Each one of us trainees  was lucky enough to have an in-house mentor, outstanding professionals in their respective fields, as well as fine colleagues in the departments we joined. They all guided us in the process of integrating into MAPFRE and, in addition, helped to reinforce our training,” explains Mar.

For Jesús, this work was essential during the first phase of the program, “the role of my mentor was almost like that of a teacher, which accelerated my learning process and my development within MAPFRE.”

As for Elvira, she underscores the international adventure the program offered her. “Not only is it enabling me to enjoy a professional experience outside my country, but it is paving the way to being able to develop an international career and keep growing within a great global company.” After her training process, Elvira was posted to Malta, “an incredibly enriching experience in every sense of the word.”

“Moreover, it enables you to get to know yourself better, boost your strong points and bolster your weak points as you find your feet in the local unit and expand your vision of the business,” Elvira states.

Eleonora has also taken full advantage of the international development opportunity offered by the Trainee programs. This Guatemalan was studying in Argentina when she signed up to the program. She received training in Spain, Colombia and the United States, and is currently working in Mexico. “In the United States I began to understand the diversity and versatility of the Assistance products. At that stage, I was working with people who were in Canada, Colombia and Spain. Getting to know people from different places enables you to comprehend what is going on elsewhere.”

For Sara, the program has proved enriching for both her professional career and personal life. “I feel this opportunity they have given us is a true privilege, allowing us to gain a global vision of the company as a whole, as well as learn from the vast experience of senior executives. What’s more, I’d like to stress the level of commitment and approachability demonstrated by all the trainers, which gave us the possibility of posing any queries and doubts we may have had about the subject we were studying at the time.”

“After almost a year working in Malta, I can say that this is just the beginning of a great project full of continuous challenges and opportunities to excel that arise on a daily basis,” Elvira concludes.

For all the trainees, the program represents the beginning of a great adventure. And for MAPFRE, a strong commitment to the professional development of these young people.


Eleonora Menegazzo SáenzFinance Management MÉXICO ASISTENCIA Assistance program

She was finishing an MBA course when the Human Resources area of Iberoasistencia Argentina launched the program.
She was in one of the groups that completed an Assistance trainee program. “Joining MAPFRE as a trainee allowed me to understand the global nature of all of the Group’s lines and be able to talk about Insure&GO, Abraxas, Global Risks, MAPFRE RE… it made me feel privileged.” Before the end of the course, she received training at the Road America subsidiary in the United States, “an incredible experience, because you finally understand there how all the cogs mesh together.”
She is currently in transition from the post of finance manager to regional finance manager for LATAM NORTH, Assistance. In her current position, she manages the accounts area, national and international payments, and cash flow analysis, among other functions.


Sara Aix Martínez
Sara Aix MartínezActuarial Area in MAPFRE RE MAPFRE Global Actuarial Program
Sara had the chance to enter the Trainee program immediately after completing her studies. Among the aspects that most attracted her at first was the fact that it was a program exclusively for actuaries, that the training was going to be closely focused on her profession and she was going to share experiences with others from the actuarial sector. “Prior to this program, I had the chance to be an intern at MAPFRE ESPAÑA, with the result that I already had some knowledge about how the company works. Those three months were enough for me to realize how much satisfaction I could get from working in a company like this.”
Of the extensive training she received in the program, she highlights the opportunity to get to know the structure of MAPFRE, an aspect of great importance when a new worker joins the company.
Currently, Sara is an actuary in MAPFRE RE. Within this area, she fulfills a number of functions, most of which are related to Solvency II.
Elvira Muro JavaloyesBusiness Software Unit MAPFRE MIDDLESEA MAPFRE Global Trainee Program

Elvira learned of the chance to form part of the Global Trainee program through the employment forum at her university. “The program caught my attention right from the start. They were looking for recent college graduates, with highly diverse profiles, to form part of an international development project whose scope covered EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and APAC (Asia Pacific).”
Elvira underscores the effort and dedication of the professionals who trained her during the first phase of the program and the “incredible” organization behind it. “I’d like to highlight the human and professional quality of the 22 colleagues who shared this trainee experience with me. More than colleagues, I now consider them true friends.”
For her, this has been a year full of learning, thanks to marvelous mentors with a profound knowledge of the insurance business. “Surrounded by a wonderful team, I’ve witnessed and participated in such innovative projects for Malta as the launch of the Online Client Portal, or the project to revise and reengineer processes for the automobile line, among others.”


Mar Magro PalenzuelaTransport Benefits MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS Future Global Risks Program
She learned of the program through LinkedIn and did not hesitate to sign up. “We were promised training on the insurance business, on MAPFRE’s organization and culture, as well as technical training specifically on the Global Risks business. After completing the program, I can say that the training far exceeded my expectations.”
Following the training stage, she joined the Claims area of MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS, as a junior processor in the Transport and Aviation Department. “My functions consist in managing and processing claims benefit files in relation to the different cover options, guarantees and services, in order to ensure the claims are resolved correctly and efficiently, fulfilling the objectives of service and quality as regards attending to clients and policyholders.”
Adrián Navas LozanoMultichannel and Mobility Area MAPFRE TECH Cantera Program
For Adrián, the fact that the Cantera project offered him the possibility of rotating through two different departments and the chance to meet with the heads of these areas were key factors when selecting the program. In the long run, these experiences helped him to integrate himself fully into the dynamics of two very different teams and enabled him to gain a more in-depth, global vision of the whole company, as well as reinforce all his initial expertise.
In his case, during the program he had the chance to form part of the teams at VERTI and IT departments, thanks to which he feels he was able to obtain complementary training, “mixing the purely technological with the more business-oriented side.”
Currently, most of his functions are extremely technical and include tasks related to the development and maintenance of mobile applications. He is one of those responsible for ensuring the quality of the delivered product, as well as providing support to other countries and carrying out adequate maintenance.
Félix Texeira RomeroSpecific Businesses and Major Agreements MAPFRE ESPAÑA Simbiosis Program
Félix says that his maxim is to know every detail of the business so as to be able to take better decisions in the future.
He learned of the program thanks to an employment forum organized by his university. Félix encourages everyone to participate in this kind of event because “you never know where an opportunity may arise.”
The Simbiosis program offered him an intensive rotation through different departments of the central and territorial headquarters, which amounted to 14 months of training: two of them exclusively in products, six at the headquarters and another six at a Regional General Management.
His current functions consist of attending to clients from the commercial point of view, helping out with backoffice tasks and collaborating in the development of strategic projects. Félix says that his maxim is to know every detail of the business so as to be able to take better decisions in the future.
Jesús Roberto Tripp RendónMAPFRE MEXICO Global Trainee Actuarial Program
Jesús underscores the role played by his mentor during the program, as, in his view, this was essential. “I felt supported from the very start of the process and I was able to put all my expertise into practice.” This support made him more efficient in his work, which, in turn, helped him in his adaptation and development in MAPFRE.
He recalls that, during the selection process, the greatest challenge he faced was the time factor, that is to say, the deadlines established in the program for carrying out the selection processes. Even so, he says that he felt at ease and sure of himself when resolving the tests and in the different interviews he had to do, “the uncertainty arose at the time of learning whether or not I had passed each phase.”
His objectives within MAPFRE are to complement his studies and bring added value to the company. He is currently working in pricing, where he collaborates in the preparation of technical notes for various life insurance products, as well as undertaking claims ratio analyses for the whole automobile portfolio.
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