Activities in 2016: improving the world in which we live

Mar 5, 2017 | Foundation, Uncategorized

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Presence in 29 countries

More than 11,7 millions euros invested

16,7 millions people benefit

4.570 events

612.618 followers in social media

363 activities


The 363 activities undertaken by Fundación MAPFRE in 2016 – which were enjoyed directly by 5.2 million people, and by 11.6 million online – took place in 29 countries.

Its endeavors focused on the following: improving economic and social conditions for the most disadvantaged; placing culture, arts and literature within everyone’s reach; enhancing people’s quality of life by supporting research; educating society in healthy lifestyle habits and accident prevention; and furthering knowledge of the world of insurance and retirement planning.

One of the outstanding developments in 2016 was the Emotion project, whose objective is to give people the opportunity to share in Foundation projects through a micro-donation.

“The foundations are absolutely necessary; we have to take care of them and spread the word about their activities.” This is the view of Julio Domingo, general manager of Fundación MAPFRE, who, on reviewing 2016, stated that “the future is excellent; we will continue to grow and make every effort to achieve our objectives and get the public to engage on an ever-increasing basis.”


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