Bosco Francoy

Bosco Francoy

“More committed and active than ever”

The activity of the Global Risks Unit with its clients requires a high degree of coordination between headquarters (MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS) and the countries where MAPFRE companies are present, as well as our associated sales network in other countries. This operating method posed a major challenge when it came to maintaining the unit’s activity, calling for rapid action to be able to continue operating as though nothing were happening.

For Bosco Francoy the most important thing was that “the commitment, dedication and speed of adaptation of our teams to serve the needs of major MAPFRE clients proved outstanding.”

And he adds: “none of this would have been possible without MAPFRE’s previous work and agility to be able to anticipate movements within the uncertain scenario we were forced to adapt to. This allowed us to implement several approaches to quickly achieve a working pace that meant everything seemed normal from the outside.

In record time, over a weekend, practically all of the staff were able to start teleworking. To this end, a proven, certified Business Continuity Plan was available, essential for the orderly execution of this transition. And, at all times, there was comprehensive coordination with the MAPFRE Group’s corporate actions.

As for our clients, from the very early days, we informed them that we remained fully active as we were all teleworking, thus helping convey further confidence in MAPFRE. 

Another highly important aspect underscored by Francoy is that “internally, we have been really active transmitting messages of all kinds to the MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS team, offering assistance, advice, training… and we coined a slogan to raise our spirits during this confinement: We are Global!!! We are MAPFRE!!! We will resist!!!  

As well as remaining operational, it also proved necessary to undertake a comprehensive analysis exercise across all areas of the company to manage this new context, and plans have been revised and adjusted to ensure full business continuity.

In short, all of us who make up this unit have felt more committed and active than ever before, very proud to be part of MAPFRE.

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