Sustainability is once again the central theme of MAPFRE Week, which celebrates its sixth edition this year

Nov 8, 2022 | I am MAPFRE

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Between June 6 and 10, more than 32,300 MAPFRE colleagues experienced MAPFRE Week to the max. Five days focused on sustainability through more than 450 in-person and online activities across five areas of action: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Diversity, Environment, Socially Responsible Investment and Financial Education, and Health and Well-being.

“By holding MAPFRE Week, our company invites us to be part of the change, to reflect on the great impact our actions can have on the world and our future, and, above all, to act with the awareness that it is worth it,”, said Mónica Zuleta, MAPFRE’s Group Head of Sustainability.

Each one of us, by playing our part, can face the great challenge ahead and continue to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

What’s more, we were all invited to take part in the Global Challenge: “How are you experiencing MAPFRE Week?”, by sharing photos of ourselves at the amazing global event, whether alone, with colleagues, or with the family, preparing or participating in activities, or demonstrating our personal contribution to sustainability. (Images of the three winning photographs and the names of the winners).

Under the theme of Sustainability, MAPFRE Week is held as part of MAPFRE’s commitment to the social and environmental challenges of the 2030 Agenda, where companies play a very important role.

Thank you all for your participation in MAPFRE Week 2022!

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