Jul 29, 2018 | AGRADECIMIENTOS, Thank you

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The CDA (Ombudsman Committee for the Insured) wishes to add its congratulations to those undoubtedly being received by the magazine The World of MAPFRE these days for reaching this milestone of 100 issues and 25 years in existence.
As well as fully warranted, given its quality and long life, we are “indebted” to them. That is because, in its first issue back in the year 1993, The World of MAPFRE devoted a couple of pages to explaining to his readers how what the MAPFRE Group was doing, with the creation of the CDA, was a true innovation for the insurance industry. And this innovation process, which was started back then by Ignacio Hernando de Larramendi, has never ceased. Quite the contrary, it has been permanently boosted.

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