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Design Thinking, channeling innovation

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Obsession with design, team work, analysis of multiple scenarios, focus on the end user, ongoing evaluation of results… and one maxim: failure does not exist. Welcome to Design Thinking. TEXT David Rubio | PHOTOS Thinkstock Gutenberg, Edison, Galileo, Hollerith, Graham Bell… Most of their successes share one common denominator called “trial and error”. Legend [...]

Technology at the service of the organization

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The Corporate Technology and Processes Division at MAPFRE, known by all its employees as “the DCTP”, designs, plans and manages MAPFRE’s technologies. It also boosts, collaborates and provides the support needed to manage processes, all with a clear orientation to business. Technology at the service of the organization Text MARÍA JESÚS PÉREZ FUENTES [...]

Knowledge Paths: MAPFRE adapts its learning process to the strategy of each business and function

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This is a key project which will ensure the organization has the training resources necessary to fully develop its personnel and support the business. TEXT Pablo Fuentes   ILLUSTRATION Thinkstock Training is an essential element for MAPFRE. This is clearly reflected by the company’s key figures for training in 2016: an investment of [...]